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Dealing with unhelpful councillors on helplines

Elizabeth CP
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I'm deliberately not naming the helpline I called because I don't want to put people off calling when they need help just because one person wasn't very helpful.

am seeking ideas from others about how to deal with the situation when you ring a helpline & then find the response unsatisfactory. People are human so don't always respond in the best way.

I was feeling extremely anxious on the weekend after being triggered by the weather. )I have PTSD so the weather brought back very bad thoughts & fears) I was getting worse & unable to cope so rang a helpline for advice. The person proceeded to tell me the therapy my psych has been providing is wrong & then told me a few things I could do to help He then said I should be able to fix my problems on my own if I try hard enough. This just made me feel useless as if it is my fault for not doing enough to help myself. I felt that the person had no idea what I had been through & was very upset to be told my psych was wrong ( which i don't believe is true).

I just gave up feeling misunderstood & unable to explain myself.

Have others go ideas to help in situations like this.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Elizabeth~

You asked for tips if the councilor is not listening or off track -even upsetting.

I guess there are two approaches, if, like the young man I mentioned he was genuinely trying then a simple goodby is enough.

If on the other has the councilor is obviosly not listening, and you have the strenght to do so, then say so and hang up

Anything more distressing should really be reported, which can be done in a constructive way for the sake of other consumers

I remember I did walk out on a GP once, he kept getting phone calls -that sounded private, I think talking to his partner - and hen would look at me and we would have to start again.

The next time the phone rang I walked out and refused to sign the Medicare form or pay hte gap. I explained to his receptionist that neither I nor the Commonwealth should pay for him to talk to his wife.

(Yes I was uncharacteristically angry)

Never heard any more about it and found someone much better.

If you are going to spend a lot of time worrying about making a complaint then I suggest you let it go. Your own equanimity is imortant.