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Doing small tasks contributes to good general mental health, as I had found out

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As I have depression, I often get sad and teary for no reasons, usually at night. But what I had found that helped the issue partially is focusing on the small tasks I do day by day.

Take tonight for instance (it's 7:46pm, Melbourne time, as I write). I had been feeling sad and teary and devastated for no conceivable reason and tried out a method that helps ease the pain and bring me back to normal. I made a mental list to do just a few small things and focus all my attention, energy and spiritual ambition into them: get the bathroom ready to take a shower, pick out a freshly washed and dried towel in my favorite color, pick a shower gel that is the sweetest smelling, then after shower, go sit down at my computer and socialise and share interesting thoughts and ideas.

While this may not sound very interesting to people, it means a lot to me just by setting small goals throughout the day and feeling accomplished and spiritually cleansed. I had realised it is not often the big tasks we do that'll necessarily make us happy but the small things - it's like putting together small puzzle pieces to produce a drawing instead of using large pieces. Less stressful, less demanding and less bleak.

I just thought I share my method of dealing with depression and hope it helps someone out there. 🙂

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thanks for reminding us how we can use small steps when depressed. At times everything can seem so overwhelming so breaking down a task into little steps can help.

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I do similar things when im feeling low.

Its a great way to refocus.

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I find having a to do lists which I draw up the night before has helped me...and ticking the boxes is very fulfilling