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Constant urge to do my bit

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Since several years, I have had this constant feeling that I want to do more and do my bit to help out the needy and those who cannot stand up for themselves. I am always on the look out of like-minded people who would be able to share how they help out in the community and actively support the causes that are close to them. This feeling of mine is quite strong and often makes me feel helpless that I am not able to support people who may need me. I often help out with donations but I feel the world needs more of it which again brings me back to the feeling of being helpless.

Are there any of you in a similar mind space? Would really like it if you could please share your experiences.

Many thanks!

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Thank you Katy. That’s exactly what I have been thinking..help out and spread awareness on social platforms! Thank you.

Hey Mental_Peace, you're more than welcome.