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Beyond my stress limit

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I am beyond stressed and struggling to stay afloat with my simple everyday tasks. I have a good life, good work, beautiful 2 year old daughter and wonderful husband yet I cannot get on top of my life and I’m finding it really difficult. I work full time, my husband studies and works and we are building a house that is pulling money out of us left, right and centre through no fault of our own. Everything we do seems to go wrong for us lately. I know it’s out of our control but I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stress that keeps getting thrown our way and don’t feel like we can cope with much more. We are in limbo, can’t move forward, can’t go backwards. How do you cope with everything getting thrown at you all at once? 
We are financially stressed, mentally stressed, physically stressed (loss of sleep) and are expected to get it together all while it’s falling apart. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. 


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I understand how demanding it is to be pulled in all directions with so many things happening and having a great family does make it easier for you. The main thing is to proritise your tasks so it makes it easier to manage. The main thing is to look after you. It is great to get the family involved in a family event where you can relax away from the stress of life. I think it important to look after yourself and find out what do I need what are the things my family needs to stay on a calm peacful path.


The thing is getting up everyday and having a task list what are the things I need to do today. As you complete every task reward yourself and look after you. I realise life is a challenge I know Im an epileptic and can't drive and will never let that stop me acheiving my goals. 


You must say to yourself I am powerful beyond measure I can face my adversity and I shall over come my difficulties. There is always help, guidance and understanding at beyond blue.