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A positive change for 2015

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Tomorrow is New Year's Day and it will be a start of a new chapter for me, over the last couple of weeks I have been packing up everything to  move away from this city and the toxic people in my life to have a sea change.

I just started on a new dose of antidepressants a few weeks ago and so far they are working out well.

My plans for the new year is to have a positive change and to leave the negative things of 2014  behind me of the severe depressive relapse  and being bullied to have a. Positive change for 2015. 

I just want to thank every one on these forums who supported me throughout 2014 and I wish you all the  best for the new year and may 2015 be the best year yet.

best wishes for 2015 and take care


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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Sparkles,

A great outlook and plan.  You dont need people in your life that are abrasive.

Inspiring others is therapeutic. Hope you have a great 2015. Lots of smiling and self discovery.

Tony  WK

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Sparkles, a positive plan, and no people who keep pulling you down and kicking you while your down are not to be associated with.

Hope that you have a great New Year, as it's now 2015. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thanks Geoff and Tony,

I moved to a new place on New Year's Day and so far this year it has been filled with lots of smiles and laughter, I am  meeting lots of new people and around amazing people who loves me for the person I am not just tolerates me. I think the people you hang around certainly makes a diffrence. And I am believing things only can get better from here.

thanks once again 


Thank you Sparkles. I enjoyed reading your post on positive change...iv also been working on some changes, definitely more positive and more effort than previous attempts lol. I hope this year brings everything you need.  🙂

Hi everyone

I thought i better give you an update on my road to recovery, life is far from being perfect if I was honest and I am not 100% better like I would be. But things have changed I would never thought I would be this far in my road to recovery 3 months ago where it was way too hard to find light at the end of the tunnel,and was scoring an average of 39 on the K10 test, now I am scoring a 28 or 29 on the K10 test which is a huge improvement for me.

 at the moment I can see hope and a future for myself I will be heading overseas in a few weeks to help run medical clinics in third world nations. 

I think leaving the negative things of 2014 and packing my bags to move to the other side of the country was the best thing I ever did. Although everywhere you go you will always find people who don't understand and makes your recovery seem even harder.

i just want to encourage you recovery is possible, for me it has been a slow and hard road, but with the right medication, coping skills and positive people to speak in your life recovery is possible. And don't let your mental illness predict what your future holds  as you can do anything you put your mid too.

I had a dream a few years ago to start healthcare clinics in 3rd world nations and I am currently perusing that dream despite what others may think. 

I hope my story encourages you and I wish you all the best in your journey to recovery.



Hi evryone


 just thought i better give u an update on how i have been going. I am now back in Australia after two months overseas helping to run healthcare clinics.        

Unfortently i had to come back early because i had another major relapse in my depession and the people i was with did not understand what i was going through. ( going through and surviving two major earth quakes did not help with my anxiety either.) Now i am back in Aus trying to take things easy. I am blessed to have made some amazing friends over the last few months in this city,Who is supporting me and willing to sit down and listen to me and will not let me give up on my dreams despite my mental illness.... 

i have not recovred from my relapse yet and still in a pretty bad state at the moment and plan to get more treatment after i go for a relaxing holiday in few weeks. As i am not quite sure if it is just the stressful situration i went through that triggred my relapse.and i hate going to the doctors as it is esp as i am in a new city. But i guess only time will tell.

thanks for reading and being a listening ear.




Hi Sparkles!

I am new to BB however I am a long-term anxiety and depression sufferer myself, and I'm currently on the road to recovery. I think, considering your circumstances, you've done a great job regarding your anxiety - don't let one relapse bring you down! It happens to all of us. The fact that you recognise your triggers and the symptoms shows just how strong you are.

Keep up the excellent work, we're all very proud of you!