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A full life and a thankful heart

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

HI everyone!

I haven't been on here for AGES and I feel a little guilty, to be honest. But now that I am working full time, life just seems to be SO BUSY! Mainly, I just wanted to pop in to say g'day and let you all know that you are never very far from my thoughts and prayers.

I have worked all the way through Covid, and am really very blessed with the life that I have. I have been running some online recovery meetings also, but now that they are back face to face (I'm in NSW) then I am getting back to those, and doing less online meetings. I know that online recovery stuff is great for some, and I must say that this particular forum and format has been great for me when I nave needed it .... but I have NOT enjoyed being on video with Zoom! That is NOT my thing!

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say really; just a little 'check-in' to let you know I'm still here.

Take care y'all. Hugs. xo

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Soberlicious96!

It's great to hear from you!

Go you! It sounds like you have been accomplishing so much 🙂

I agree! I really prefer face to face rather than zoom!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

hey soberlicious

sounds really busy - and with such amazing work

i'm a bit in love with the recovery system - AA etc.
Thank u for the work you do facilitating meetings. I hate zoom also!!!

I'm sorry it is hard for u. It's definitely an adjustment.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Soberlicious96, it's always good to have you back, well you never leave, just only in the background for your own reasons.

Face to face is better than any video link because you can see and feel any reaction from the person you're talking to, while with zoom, the camera is turned off then you have no idea of what happens and how the person actually feels.

Best wishes.