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A Bouquet for Pearls - share your appreciation for other members

Just Sara
Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Every now and then, members share a beautiful Pearl of Wisdom. How often do you think to yourself; "OMG that's great! I wish everyone could see this."

Presenting someone with a bunch of flowers is a generous way of acknowledging their insightful words.

I hope this thread stays active through members giving out praise regularly to people they feel deserving, and therefore keep generosity of spirit alive within the pages of BeyondBlue Forum.

My bunch of Red Roses (my choice) goes to Wishful for the following sentence;

  • 'Personally, I see no reason to be praised in me, but I'm learning that seeing through the eyes of others can be more accurate!!'

I so hear you Wishful. Just beautiful...

  1. Try to keep your leading comments short to focus on 'their' words.
  2. Choose specific flowers (or a gift if you like) to present to them.
  3. Sign off respectfully and sincerely.

I hope this takes off...

Spreading the love...Sara

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Dear tealflowers,

I was quite taken aback by your response to my post.
I felt I should withdraw, leave the forums perhaps, was being told off etc... for extending gratitude to the members I've come to know over my time on the forums.
And within a thread that encourages us to do so. 
To the people who have engaged in conversation and extended support to me, which I am and always will eternally be grateful for. 


I am so sorry you feel unappreciated, jealous and triggered by such posts, including mine. 

Please know it would never be my intention to hurt any one by my post, only to acknowledge those whom I know from the forums. 


It wasn't meant as a personal affront to you.
I hope you understand this. 
I don't know you. 


Wishing you well

Teaflowers, I like your name, 

I am so sorry you were triggered by posts here. 
The idea by the person who started the thread was to praise others. It was never meant to trigger you. 
i have made general bouquets lime giving a bouquet to all those trying to cope with the changes , or a bouquet to all those on the forum who post here.

I appreciate everyone here and how despite struggling people help others. 

Teaflowers I appreciate you taking time to post here and be vulnerable and honest. I know that would be hard. I would like to send you a scented bouquet for your ho Etsy in sharing your feelings. 

i wasn't trying to make anybody feel bad for appreciating certain members. it was just a jealousy thing i guess, wishing someone was like that for me in real life & on these forums/online. i shouldn't have said anything & kept it to myself but at the time when i posted it, i wasn't of sound mind i guess. but now i regret it. i'm sorry i made this thread bad & commented. it was not my intention to upset anyone or make anyone feel bad for appreciating members or using this thread. the thread is a good idea. next time i will just scroll without saying anything which i should've done anyway. i never meant any harm. i apologise. i was just feeling jealous & upset because nobody is like that with me in real life or online, which is what i was trying to say, but i suppose i went the wrong way about it & explained it wrong. i do apologise & i hope people can forgive me. i wasn't trying to start drama or anything bad like that. next time i'll keep things to myself. i'm sorry. i feel bad & regretful. i was never trying to make anybody feel bad/guilty. just me being jealous & wishing people were like that with me.

PS, I used to be mb20lover/robthomaslover/mb20rtfan. i just had to make a new account & i wanted my username here to be different, more feminine i suppose. i have spoken to both of you before around the forums, mostly as mb20lover.

Hi Teaflowers

Please don’t feel you have to apologise for expressing how you felt. It’s okay, lovely.

The vast majority of people on this forum are experiencing a MH condition, which means people can be triggered or upset in an endless variety of ways. It’s to be expected.
I feel we had a connection from our previous discussions and you taught me a lot about your condition, so I understand how feeling left out led to jealousy and hurt. 
You haven’t made this “thread bad”, you’ve provided an important reminder for everyone— not to judge what we might not understand—and underscored the need for empathy and understanding in all of our conversations. Everyone is welcome here.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently around the forums reading but no longer comfortable participating anymore, due to unintended consequences flowing from the upgrade (long story and don’t want to flog a dead horse). But I have chosen to respond to you because you do matter to me, Tayla. 
You are genuinely cared for and appreciated by me.

Kind thoughts to you 

Tayla this is a mental health Forum and can express how you are really feeling.This is what these forums are for.It is good how you are being honest how you are feeling.Thats a big step and can be hard to do.I know I struggle with my real feelings.Maby discuss on a thread of your own.

Hi teaflowers,


You are LOVED and VALUED more than you know teaflowers 😊 it’s great to have you here on our forums ❤️

Can I suggest you make a thread of your own if you want to 😊


I understand that sometimes we can look at other threads and the support behind the members, but please never let this devalue yourself in any way because we are all also here for you on in this beautiful community.


Keep shining ☀️ 


I’d like to share appreciation for ecomama for being a vibrant, uplifting voice on the forums. And my gift is a sound recording of the honking swamp hen I saw/heard on my walk this morning, as I think ecomama might get a kick out of it 🙂 🙂 

i have my own threads, but they never come up when i make new comments on them. i wasn't trying to make this thread all about me or take attention away from what it's actually for. i wasn't trying to create drama here or make anyone feel bad for appreciating users. like i said i just wish people were like that with me in real life & online. but i went the wrong way about it. i apologise.

i do have my own threads, but they never show up when i put new comments on them. i did try to make a new one but it wouldn't let me. again i wasn't trying to make anybody feel bad for using this thread & appreciating members. i was just hurt & jealous, wishing people were like that with me in real life & online. but i should've kept that to myself i suppose, i just wasn't thinking straight when i commented that here. now i'm just overthinking & regretting it, feeling really bad. please accept my sincere apologies everyone. i didn't mean to cause any drama or to hurt or upset anybody, or anything bad like that. i hope you can all understand and forgive me.