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Really don't know what I am at this point?

Hi, I'm kinda confused about what exactly I am... I don't really think that dating actually sounds interesting, even if other people think it's fun, it's just kinda strange to me, with being so embarrassed about saying a name for whoever you like and I'll be happy for the people that fall in love and all that, but being so dramatic about not getting a text? I feel like maybe I'm missing something, and I've kind of gone from straight and not knowing about lgbtqia+ to bi to les to pan to bi again and then I think I'm just aroace, has anyone else felt like this or been through things like this? I would really like to know what exactly I am, if anyone can help me.

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(Btw, I'm a 14 y/o in high school)

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Valued Contributor

Only you can truly know yourself.  Many people are simply using the label "queer", which gives them the freedom to be themselves.  Also, there is no time limit to how long someone can see themselves as "questioning".  If one or more labels work for you that is great, but try to avoid trying to fit yourself into a label - don't let label(s) define you.