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Life be hard af gor a 18 yr old mae

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear AmanMishra,


A very warm and caring welcome to the forums…


I’m so sorry, that your finding life so hard right now…


Would you like to talk some more about what’s making life so hard for you, we are listening and would love to help support you the best we can…..

Has anything happened recently to make you feel this way…


My kind thoughts and my care Dear Aman…



Community Champion
Community Champion


welcome to the forum and thanks for making your first post.

I am sorry life is hard. 

Grandy has written a supportive  post and asked a helpful question.

you are not alone  and we are listening. 
IF you feel up to  it maybe if you want you can tell us.  a bit more  about yourself. 
take care