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lgbtq+ name and identity

Community Member

I’m in a bit of a pickle here,
my name is Haylen and I have had it for a while now, I’m starting to become unhappy with that and realising it’s not a name, everybody I talk to is saying that they have NEVER heard of the name and that it isn’t a name at all, I don’t care what people think or say about me it’s just that i’m seeing that they are sorta right about it, I’m so used to Haylen but I want a more boy name, I want to keep the H and A in my name so I thought of the name Hayden and actually liked it.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear xo_hayleyox,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums…


Their are so many unique names out in the world today, and I like Haylen…It’s as unique and as beautiful as you are….it doesn’t matter if no one has heard of that name before…it’s your name, the name you choose because you liked it….Please don’t let other people influence you into changing it if you don’t want to….


Did you know that the meaning of Haylen is:  “Unique and Special”……and that’s exactly who you are…


My kind thoughts Dear Haylen,  with my care..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi xo_hayleyxo

I think what people are referring to here with your name Haylen is that it is not a mainstream name, however whatever your caregivers picked it is still a name regardless of how unusual or unique it is! Please don't let other people influence your decision making around your name, as long as that is on your own terms!

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Hi Haylen, I would like to say, I like your name however I understand what it's like to have an unusual name, which is either too hard to pronounce or spell. So much so that when I was 17. years old I adopted a name for myself that I preferred. I kept my actual name for legal purposes but I have not answered to my birth name for over 40 years. FYI Haylen is an actual name, it's English and it means Hall of Light, it's also an unisex name given to both boys and girls. But it is your choice to have a name you like and you relate to. As I did.