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LGBTIQ+ Not conventional? you are still a jigsaw piece.

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

We have around 8 billion people on the planet now. Imagine if we were all one piece of a jigsaw puzzle? And lets say that if you were uncertain of your gender, gay, lesbian....anything other than heterosexually inclined...those pieces were painted white and that puzzle was complete, 8 billion pieces. Well IMO the puzzle  would look very peppered with splashes of white everywhere.

We humans are different from each other (lets not include twins/triples etc). We are unique and I'd argue we are all individually wonderful. But in my mind it never was that way.

At age 16-35 I grew up in the 1970's and 1980's. Working in the defence forces  my homophobia was along the then traditional lines. I was no different to the next guy. We banded together like wolves after prey. I was disgusting, when I recall my level of hatred. And now in recent times I read my Facebook friends, wolves of a sort, and their prey are muslims. How naïve, muslims, all of them are suffering the wrath of the simpletons, attacking all because they don't have the intelligence to realise and accept that 95% or more muslims are incredibly wonderful representatives in our society. Like non muslims and the gender ostracised, they have their own jigsaw piece no larger now colourful than anyone elses.

So I feel for those people in between, off white is their jigsaw piece, wondering if they are gay or not, transsexual or not, worthy or not of anything at all. For those people are in limbo wondering, hoping for answer on forums like this one. They are alone. Other people might well have similar issues but none are at the same point at the same transition period on the same gender road of internal conflict.

So pick up your game!! You are worthy of anything other people are worthy of. Stand your ground. If ever there was a strain of people that are the infidels it is those that have not transgressed from that homophobic way to open their hearts to accept you and help you along your journey.

Your journey...is yours to own. It is unique just like you. It is colourful just like your heart and it is worthy of a good happy life no matter your decisions at the crossroads.

And guess what. That jigsaw...you can only see it from outer space its so large. You gaze down to see a huge heart of various shades of colour including white a massive puzzle now making sense. Your piece is missing as you are not there this day. And the jigsaw is not complete without it. Your piece is valuable.

Tony WK

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Hi White Knight,

This is a very sweet post. As a gay male who has recently discovered and embraced I am GenderQueer. I can definitely see the changes in society when 'coming out' this time as opposed to last time. As Trans22 said it is almost imperceptible in the moment but looking back at the horrors I faced through my childhood and teen years because of this 'difference' and looking at now, the worst I get is a disapproving look from an aged white male who generally gets a dig in the ribs from his wife who then compliments my outfit.

Unfortunately change begins slowly, but once there is enough momentum to affect the majority of a generation. We get real change. I believe that is happening now with most minorities.

Unfortunately the early 2000s have put a funnel on the Muslim hate that is out there and the change in that respect seems to have slowed, but I have not yet met a person who identifies as Muslim who isn't just as fun, compassionate and individual as the rest of us and I look forward to the day where labels are no longer needed to segregate us but to unite.



Hi welcome


Societal progress is slow but we have come a long way.

Gay marriage was a huge win in Victoria.  Many conservative religious cults tried to stop it, in fact I have a relative in one that campaigned against it. So sad.

I like your comments about circa 2000 Muslim events and how it's shaped the following decades, not so good.

Thankyou for posting.