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Your experiences will help me

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Hi everyone, I am new and I am the wife of a sufferer of PTSD and my husband has had a relapse after many years. It is different this time and I am wondering if anyone can help me out.

He is going to the doctors today to get some help again, which I am very pleased about. However, I have a huge amount of distrust this time around, which I have never had before.

My husband is being very secretive about his phone, he hides his phone when he is in the shower and it is always with him. If he gets a message he leaves and goes elsewhere to look at it but will not tell me anything about it or discuss it at all, not even to say he had a message. I have also found when he was working (he was working in Thailand on a fly in / fly out basis) that he was having money put into another account that I don't know about. This is so unlike him and I am trying to not let my mind wander here but I am finding it very difficult.

Can anyone offer me any help as I feel totally stuck with being able to do anything - I feel like I am frozen, just cannot function or do anything. I realise he is the person who has the issue and I don't want to make this about me, I just need some help from someone please.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi insecure wife

A few ideas

Do you get a printout of your phone bill or request one? That should have phone numbers if regular numbers he has called.

People in your situation do commission private investigators for the reason you have. There is few other ways to confirm suspicion. Having worked in that field I can tell you they are very discreet. In my experience you have good reason to relieve yourself of worry.

Tony WK​

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello Insecure, I'm struggling to understand the connection between his PTSD relapse and his secretive behaviour. Is talking to him about your concerns not an option?