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You being sick all the time is frustrating!

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The title is exactly what I just got told by my partner I adore. “ 25 days out of a month your sick! “ are you doing it for attention?

this comment is made off the back of me having a chest infection now, but I feel is deeper than that.

If only he knew I did feel sick 30 days out of a calendar month and when I look and say I’m fine, I’m probably not. I’ve had anxiety and depression for 8 years.

Weve been together 7

he is usually so supportive and loving but it’s like he’s mad at me now. I’ve tried to talk to him but that’s just been met with,” just get better”

I just don’t know what to do.

Its probably very minor in the realms of other people’s problems, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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welcome to beyond blue.

I would think that my problems were minor, until someone who issues (in my view) were worse than mine, told me that my issues were just as important as anyone else. So this would also apply to you. When you question your self-worth, or existence, then reaching out for help a smart thing to do. It is unfortunate your partner is telling you to "just get better" but it never is easy as that. Don't we wish it was that easy!

Other than your partner, is there anyone you are able to talk to? A friend? Or relative?

Can I ask if you are getting any professional help for your anxiety and depression at the moment?

Your partner might be mad at you, as you see it, but might actually be frustrated because .... I don't really know, he does not understand, and knows there is nothing he can really do?

Is your depression and anxiety worse now than say a month or 3 ago?

Do you have any distraction tools? My psych told me to install virtual hope box on my phone, which I have found useful.

I know I have asked a lot of questions. I hope you do not mind. Whether you answer any or all of them is up to you. But I think it is good you have reached out to here, a place where you can ask a question and not be judged by other users.

I also found writing a journal useful as well.

I hope you can find way out of the fog you are presently in. There are options available.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Think to much

I'm sorry to hear you're facing such incredible challenges in the way of mental and physical well-being. The spiritual aspect of self, throughout such challenges, is also a part of us that takes a battering; that basic energetic sense of connection to life.

I'm wondering if you've ever considered how interconnected these 3 aspects of self are (body, mind and spirit). One of the greatest books I possess in my home library covers this particular connection. It's called 'Becoming Supernatural' by Joe Dispenza, a passionate and empowering man when it comes to self-understanding. He takes mind/body/spirit and translates it into neuroscience/epigenetics/quantum physics. Sounds complex yet this author has an amazing gift in the way of simplifying these topics, creating a basic understanding.

Whilst neuroscience delves into the workings and incredible flexibility of the mind (aka the brain at work), epigenetics covers ideas such as our ability to tweak our own DNA as well as our physical health. Whilst much in the way of quantum physics tends to leave me seriously scratching my head in utter confusion, the basics of QP is incredibly empowering. Considering everything in this world is energy, including us, coming to know how to make connections suddenly puts us in powerful positions. 'Becoming Supernatural' contains stories of people whose mental health impacted their physical health. The recovery process they went through is extraordinary to say the least.

The reason I share this with you is because I want to offer you a connection to something self-empowering. You have an incredible amount of power/energy inside of you. Our thoughts, our chemistry and our overall energy has the ability to create either a sense of ease or dis-ease within us. Understanding the why aspect can offer enlightenment within a somewhat dark place. Even a basic understanding of why and how depression impacts our immune system can be enough to start us on a quest which fills us with hope.

Perhaps, on this quest, you can set out to enlighten your partner as well. He can become a traveling companion on your way to greater health, instead of an observer. By the way, 'Just get better' is definitely not a management plan of any kind. Seeking enlightenment, support and self-understanding sounds more like a plan.

Take care Think to much. You're far more powerful than you could possibly imagine 🙂