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Where to from here?

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A couple of nights ago my husband told me that he no longer knew what he wanted. He told me he was done and that he just wanted to be alone because he didn't know how he felt about anything anymore and felt trapped at home. There was no real trigger other than a discussion we had had the night prior. I told him that I felt like he wasn't making time for our kids and our relationship. He walked out with a packed bag and I haven't heard from him since. I'm now juggling work, caring for our two kids and everything else. I feel so lost and so sad. I don't know if he's coming back. I don't know what i should do from here. I want to be respectful of the space he has demanded but on the other hand, things got hard and he just left. And here I am with the pieces completely confused about what happens now. Please tell me what you would do in this scenario.
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Hi , and l'm really sorry about the sitch. l know how hard it is especially with the kids right not, went through it myself . Although l didn't leave although we did break up in the end but l was also going through similar to your hub for a few years before.

Anyway being male and through similar, l think right now first of all let him have this time . l know if l would've just taken it when l really needed it , l think l would've got things back into perspective with some proper alone time and l might've been able to start over with x. Yaknow l could imagine how hard this is for you and of course l can't say it'd be the sane for your hub, but l'm just thinking it might be a maybe, if he just takes some time out to get his bearings.

Sorry l can't suggest more but hopefully some others will drop in and help if possible,

Hang in there.


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Hi AnnaaaBelleee,

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I think in trying times such as these it's best to let some time pass before you do anything. Focus on your children and getting through the day. You don't know why your husband has left, he may be depressed for reasons even unknown to himself. He'll make contact when he has found his barrings again. But it's so important that you don't loose yours over this for your children and yourself. Stay strong.