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Unhappy & stuggeling after weight loss surgery

Community Member

Hi FD7

not sure why but feel I need to start a conversation

life has changed, I have changed and not 100% sure where I fit...

I had weight loss surgery later last year (medical requirements) I have 0 regrets..... but not sure whether this a new me or the old me is back

my confidence went through the roof unt recently.....

yes 50+kg loss is great but I am now lost

strugling being what I feel is a new me (husband & dad) and my wife and son say is a happier, healthy, more relaxed, nicer me

but I struggle that my life has changed so dramatically personals but our family life has not, which is good but I find myself growing more frustrated with my family taking the easy options (takeaway or simple food, little to know exercise, fixation with phone/ gaming console) where they know I can’t and won’t take the simple options as I have put the hard yards in to get to the new me and don’t want to go back to the old me.... I have found myself going back to old habits in recent weeks and hate myself for doing it......

am I expecting too much from my family as it is my personal journey?

i know the new me needs a new work environment to help complete the personal goal as well but that’s a whole other conversation family first

sorry for the long post just have a lot going around in my head and need to start somewhere



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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi FD7,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out.

Although I've never been through weight loss surgery, part of me is likening it a little to a weird holiday. People have known that you've going to do it, but only you've done it and now you get to come back to this kind of new reality where things feel a little different. People can see that you've changed but they don't really see what your experience was like.

I don't think you're expecting too much from your family but I do think your family really struggle to understand what it's like for you. You've gone through this surgery alone so only you know what it's like to put in all those hard yards and have such a dramatic weight loss.

I wonder if you've talked to your family about how you're feeling? Perhaps they just need to be aware of different ways that they can support you and what you need from them right now.