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*trigger warning* It says something about a relationship when you wonder if your partner is dead in their room

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When I came in the garage from mowing our acreage yesterday about 9:30 am I was surprised to see my partner up and awake having a smoke. She says "I thought you were dead in your room because your door was shut and you were not up when I went to town"
She doesn't go out much, and I was surprised she had already been to get her eyebrows done at the beauty salon.

It says something about a relationship when you wonder if your parter is dead in thier room, but you dont go in to see if they are alright.
To be honest, I've thought the exact same thing many times, over the past few years, wondering if she is dead in her room.
I didnt want to go in and see either.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
It’s so sad when things get like this in a relationship, there’s nothing worse than feeling all alone in your own home when there’s a person next to you. The only way that you are going to get out of this funk is if you start making steps to turn things around. It’s hard because we never want to put ourselves out there for fear of being hurt but you really don’t have a lot to lose as you are already hurting. I think that you need to start gently doing nice things for her - be the change that you want to see. Start making her cups of tea, seeing if she wants things at the shops and hopefully that will engender some kind of good will in return. I find that even something as simple as breakfast out can have a positive influence on a relationship. Chances are that she is feeling the exact same way as you are, you both just need to try and figure out ways to reach each other.