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Tips on how to fight keep a low profile on the internet

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Hi I’m fairly new to this forum and I’ve found that this forum not only is helpful to me but I feel like I can help others too.

Ever since I have cut ties with my abusive and narcissistic family I have had to keep a low profile on the internet. I knew that both my parents stalk me on Facebook and check up on me especially when I have gone no contact with them so I had to shut down my Facebook page. My mother is notorious at this, she tries to stalk me on every social media she can think of. So when it comes to Instagram I don’t post too much personal photos of my partner and my cat and I but I post a few to a private account they cannot see.

Anyways since I’ve shut down my Facebook page, I have discovered that my cousin has only kept in contact with me to spy on me on behalf of my uncle and possibly grandmother so I barely post messenger stories now. Then the other day I found out my father has multiple Instagram accounts so I blocked all those. When I find out these things I feel a tendency to post less on social media but I can’t post nothing because I have businesses on social media that rely on instragram to keep going. I’ve gone to high lengths to keep my life private from my family, so does anyone have any tips on how I can make myself relatively invisible to my toxic family on the internet?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Phoenix29,

I'm not sure how helpful/ethical my answer is, but here it is anyway - new identity. Facebook and Instagram are both linked to your email address, which means that no matter what your name is it doesn't matter, but if you were to sign up with a completely different email and a completely different name, then it becomes completely private.

I've had to do this for other personal reasons, but it's helped me, so I figured I'd share this with you too.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Phoenix29 and Romantic_Thi3f,

It has often concerned me as to how safe and protected we actually are on places like Facebook and other social media.

Sometimes it freaks me out that my smart phone knows where I was when I took a particular photo!

I don't understand modern technology much nor how to keep your messages private.

My suggestion is if you need to use social media for your business, use it just for that.

I was talking to a lady recently who stalks her children on Facebook and prints off the photos they post as they have no contact with her. It seems so easy to locate people on Facebook and access their photos and information.

Hope you find ways to keep advertising your business and block your family!

Cheers from Dools