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Time to leave?

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Hi everyone,

I recently gained employment in the career I aimed for. Im happy where I am and just really enjoying it. Im a casual employee, I have a performance review in January to see how im going and to talk about where to go from there, I have the option to move onto part-time or full-time work, something more permanent. Theres also a position through my work that im hoping to gain, itll mean I finish up my 3 month probation and move straight onto the new position which is full time.

My issue now is that my mums beginning to pressure me about moving out, which I honestly really want to do. Ive even found the perfect place for my son and I, they've even dropped the price of the rent sine we viewed it on Wednesday, its almost as though its a sign!

Im a strong believer in we wont learn anything until we try. I feel that if I don't move out now, itll only make it harder to adjust to moving out later on. I also don't think its fair on my son, we need out own space. I don't even have my own room here with my mum, weve turned the lounge room into a bed room for me while my son has the third bedroom.

I feel im ready and financially I should be able to do it, after paying for everything I need to id have between $300 and $800 left over each fortnight, depends on how many shifts I get which has been quite a few, almost full time hours.

Im just not sure if I should really take the risk on this or not.. the only thing holding me back is what if something happens financially and I cant pay the rent? Im a huge worrier, I get so anxious about the smallest things in life and this seems to be one of them! I have all the paperwork ready to go for this rental but its just that little voice telling me "what if?".


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Hello Notanurse, I can understand the worry you have, but can I suggest you write down all the positives on moving out vs the negatives.

Your mum wants you to move out and the rent has been dropped, so the landlord seems to be obliging in case anything happens (but that's looking at it in a negative way).

At some stage, you are going to have to move out and you can also get rental assistance, plus you can get the bond paid and 2 weeks, that's something for you to check out and you can do this online.

All ready the positives to move out are attracting, sometimes we have to make a decision that's how we gain our experience.

Let us know what you think.


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Go for it!You can do this!What a wonderful opportunity. Grab it.

All the best xx


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Champion Alumni

Hello Notanurse, just wondering to see how you are going.