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Hey everyone I thought I would start this thread for people that need to talk/ask and get support from fellow members.

It doesn't matter how small or big the issues might be,there are a lot of parents here that have either dealt with similar issues or are sure to in the future.

So my 19yr old I told to move out of home two nights ago, I have decided that after all these years of me giving all I can,nurturing,holidays,private school (cause I can't help there)canteen,different birthday with whole class every year,trips to Italy,Gallipoli,Bali,cruise ship,multiple camping holidays,good clothes,redoes of bedroom,welcoming bf,bla bla bla.

She has told me she remembers none of it except me being pissed. That Dad will go garentor for a house, I do nothing,and don't work. Bla bla bla

Hubby doesn't want conflict and neither do I,I am sick of it ,I have been a mum for 28years of my 45yrs.

I have totally f up. They are all 3 spoiled rotten. I don't want her to go on bad terms,but I am sick of cleaning up after her,3 towels a day,all lids,draws doors are left open.

They just think I'm crap cause I have mental issues.


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So now I am feeling like crap. Haven't spoken to daughter since Monday night,hubby has been at work in Sydney since yday morn and is due in soon.

I want to stand my ground and tell her to move out,

I need to finally get some respect,I need my husband to support me,ie sometimes over the years to get the kids attention I would say, don't you dare speak to my husband like that.

just feel like crap



Sorry you are not feeling in a good mood .

Has your husband been supportive in the past?

It is hard when you have devoted most of your life to bringing up your children and then they dont show respect or appreciation for what you have done.

Take care


Hi Quirky,

Hubby has returned home and is totally exhausted from work and has found it hard to concentrate on work. His comments about the situation were,what the Is it all about. We are supposed to look forward to all our children having milestones in their lives but we don't. What the Do we do anything for.


I still haven't spoken to my daughter since the blow up on Monday night.

I am very anxious about it,I just don't want it going back to how it was because it will just keep going around and I will be used and not appreciated.

I want to be strong and I need to stay on track and get hubby to back me. I definitely don't want to be nasty but finding it hard to be fair.


Hi all,

I have just got home after taking youngest daughter to work and to get groceries.

19yr old has not long left, I am really upset but used to what she dose.

I want to write a letter to her but would like some advice on what to say.

so she leaves behind,

kitchen,avocado,butter,plates knives cups glasses wet towel,bags and books on kitchen table.

linen caborad open with boxes on the ground

lights on in bedroom,bathroom plus heat light,towels clothes all over floor,you can't see the floor. Toilet paper rolls on the floor,about 8 squares of paper as well.

full load of clothes in dryer(sunny and windy here)

bla bla bla

Other than rat sack what should I say/do



I used to be very messy so am not sure what to say.

It must be so frustrating for you. Does she keep her own room messy too?

I suppose you could get a big box and put all her things- not the food ,in there.

Take care


Thanks Quirky,

Yes she is messy in her room,she is like a tornado,everything she opens is never shut. I have in the past,thrown everything on the ground out side on the grass,taken pictures,boxed items and of course cleaned up after her a million times. I do love her dearly but she pulls my strings.