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Think Husband needs help!

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First post of here so please bear with me.

2 years ago I finally seeked help for my anxiety / depression and thought not 100% am a lot better after seeking advice.

Now my husband is showing the classic signs I endured - grumpy constantly, snapping, glass half empty kinda guy (was not like this before) we have been together 20years

How does one suggest maybe it might be time to go speak to someone... mental health plan from GP?

our currently communications are not the best (both work FT + 2 smal babies.. life is busy!)

We have spoken about marriage counseling which we both agreed to.. but the costs are outta of the budget at present.

ant ideas?!


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It sounds like you’ve already made a step in the right direction. That is just noticing something isn’t right and looking to get help.

Life can be so challenging at times. The thing to remember is it’s meant to be. Overcoming these challenges can bring so much joy. Raising children is no different. When they’re so young, you generally get very little back from them. They’re screaming – eating – poop – machines. I’m assuming they’re still at that age. The important thing is to focus your mind on the joyful positive experiences, even though they may be few of them at the moment. Such as noticing that the glass is half full, but it's actually a very big glass. There are many different ways of focusing your attention.

You find relationships will be stretched during these times. It does get easier. Communication is vital. Try to find time to get away together. Just as a couple. Ask friends or family for help. Away from the stress you'll more likely be able to talk about how he is feeling.

Get over this hurdle together, and you’ll be so much stronger for it.

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Hello Needs Balance, thanks for posting your comment and very sorry for how everything is going.

If I can just say that if you both have agreed to relationship counselling (bar the costs) then perhaps suggest that he should go and see his doctor first, they can then offer a 'mental health plan' which entitles him (and you separately) to 10 Medicare paid sessions with a psychologist.

A psychiatrist could also be used instead of the psychologist, but the former may also bulk bill.

Hope this helps you.