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I'm on the search for the post I posted some months ago and can't find it. I received great advice from pipsy I'm sure that's her name on here! I wanted to touch base with her and let her know that I'm doing great and wanted to say thanks for the support at the time as I come out of a relationship with a narcissist!

If you read this would be good to hear from you and let you know where I'm at 🙂

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Taylah, welcome back

Just postung this thread would reach her if she readds it.

If you can recall the thread name use search or in google

Topic: (name if thread)- beyondblue

We appreciate your feedback.

I too had a family narcissistic person (my mother) and it was unworkable, in the end I had to break off. That was 6 years ago.

Have you sorted things out?

Tony WK