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I’m struggling. I recently pulled through a really rough patch in my mental health. Having to have new medication and new techniques and so on. My Mum has been my rock helping me through this and pulling me out of panic attacks.

my Mum got admitted to the icu of the hospital, put in a induced coma because of her emphysema which made a infection more worse then it already was. This is the second time she has been admitted. It leaves me to look after my elder brother who is an epileptic, my other brother who just doesn’t want to help. My dad who I is struggling Nd my nephew. I seem to be the only one doing housework cleaning, I cook them meals and try to stay strong. On top I go to Mum every second day and it with her. The boys beside my elderly brother aren’t cleaning after themselves, I try to get them to do stuff. But it’s not completely done and they complain argue with me. i can’t afford my psychologist at the moment and I don’t have close friend to talk to. I just won’t to scream at them. I know they are worried about Mum but I want them to help with keeping the house clean. I have massive guilt if I don’t vist Mum everyday. I want to but it’s hard

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Hi Hummer,

This certainly sounds like a difficult situation you are in. I am sure you desire to be with your Mum, I am sure she understands what the situation is like at home and would recognise what you are trying to achieve.

I am assuming that most of the time it is your Mum who di the majority of the work at home, it can be hard when one person steps out of the home for what ever reason and other people have to step up but don't want to.

Is it possible to sit down and discuss quietly what needs to be done and that you can't do it all yourself?

Can you explain you are doing the best you can , but you may not be able to continue on yourself if you don't have help, then your brothers will have to do everything themselves.

Would you consider phoning Life Line or Beyond Blue for some support and someone to talk to as you can't currently afford a psychologist?

I do so hope your Mum improves.

Regards from Dools