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single parent risk of homelessness

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I'm 26 years old pregnant with second child and struggling to find a home for us.

I have no one to talk to or vent to so emotionally drained and feel so alone.

I don't know what to do anymore.

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Hi mom26,

Firstly, welcome to the forums.

Sorry to read about your current situation that you are in. You are in a safe environment here and judgement free so please feel free to vent as much as you like as that is what we are here for. There are many great people on these forums who will listen and give advice where possible, myself included.

Have you seeked out the appropriate government services and see what options you have as far as housing goes? I am not familiar with the current rules but I am sure Centrelink is able to help in these circumstances.

Please know you can also call the Beyond Blue helpline on 1300 22 4636 24/7 to discuss what you are currently going through and get advice from trained professional who may be able to direct you where to seek help for your situation.

Please, feel free to write back as much as you wish.

My best for you,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Mom26

Im Paul and BballJ (Jay) above has great advice above for you.

I know you feel alone right now. Can I ask you if you have even a couple of people (parent...sister..brother...friend)..that you can lean on in this difficult time?

I dont blame you for a second for being emotionally drained and alone

I have a 25 year old daughter that has just had her second baby and she is in a similar situation as you are and my daughter doesnt speak to me which doesnt let me help her unfortunately

You are an amazing person (mum) to have posted here. I wish my daughter had the same courage as you do


Please call your GP asap and let her/him know exactly whats happening....You will get the help/assitance you need even if your doc has to call you back at the end of their shift....they will help you

Beyond Blue support line that is open 24/7 1300 22 4636. The counselors are qualified and Non Judgemental and very supportive

Im sad that you are in this situation Mom26. I really hope you can let us help and support you

There are many gentle people that can be here for you. We are non judgemental and would be happy if you could post back and let us know how you are

you will never be alone here

my kind thoughts for you and what you are going through


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello Mom, I'm pleased that Jay and Paul have responded back to you because your situation is rather a desperate one.
Depending on which State you live in might help us a bit more, because in Vic there are emergency houses for situations like this, but if you could let us know would help, thanks.
The second option is to go to Anglicare which I seem to have mentioned quite often lately, but they certainly helped me in many ways, finance, car loan and mortgage because at that stage I was living in our house alone, as my wife had left me.
I know that they will be able to find somewhere for you to live that is furnished, plus they have a counselling service, and what they did for me I can't explain, they gave me some confidence back until our house could be sold, I truly recommend them.
Another option is to go to your local council and/or local community centre who will be able to advise you where to go for assistance, and the latter will also be a place where you can sit down and speak to someone who actually cares.
This must be a situation where you would think that you could never be in, unfortunately, life is unpredictable, but you are really desperate, so I hope some of my advice will help you, but please let us know. Geoff.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi mom

I cant add to the good advice already given. Just wanted to say that things will get back on track for you as time goes by.

Keep having faith. You must be a wonderful mum.

Tony WK