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Separation after 16 years of marriage

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Hi My name is Janet and I am going through a separation from my husband. I really need a advises on how to cope as I am a total mess right now. I am in a really difficult situation at the moment.
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Hi Janet,

Welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a difficult separation.

These sites could be of assistance:



I don't have advice based on personal experience, but there are others on this site who could offer this. Exploring this Relationship and family issues section of the forum is worthwhile.

Best wishes,


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Hi Janet. I have just filed for divorce so perhaps I can be of some assistance. Can you post some more info, when you're ready, so I know where you are financially, emotionally etc. These legal matters can be confusing.


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Blue Voices Member

Hello Janet

My wife left me after 17 years and it was totally devastating. So by all means post here confidentially and as Lynda and Zeal said above, there are people here who will support and comfort you. It is a huge change, but you need to try and stay positive if you can, and start to look forward to what might be in your future for the time being, and how you can take time out to refocus on YOU rather than the other party or US.

I have suffered three relationship breakdowns over the years, but each one is just as devastating as the last. Take things one day at a time and dont be too hard on yourself.