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My bf of over a year has just told me he is staying overseas to be with his family. I always knew that this was an option but hear it being said today was devastating.

I have already been diagnosed with depression and am on medication but I am not coping well at all.

i am just holding down my job at the moment. What else can I do?

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Just Sara
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Champion Alumni

Hi and welcome Hk;

Depression is an insidious disorder which makes coping with challenging situations harder than would be otherwise. Well done for seeking support on BB as we care deeply about people and want no more than to help you to help yourself.

It takes guts to write on here, so kudos for this too. Your unexpected loss would be devastating as you say, the loss of a loved one (by distance) can be as cruel as losing someone to a fatality. You must be grieving terribly so my heart goes out to you hun.

You haven't really posted much info, so I'm inviting you to tell your story if this would help you purge some of that pain. Sometimes this is more helpful than people think, so give it a go if you're up to it ok? (please..no pressure)

There are links below to assist, if you want to peruse the threads, you're welcome to have a look-see.

My heartfelt thoughts...

Sara (Hugs)

PS...I don't want to alarm you, so please don't freak ok. We're not supposed to disclose any specific medical info including medications. This is so you know for future reference...as a Community Champion I'll have to report your post so mediators can remove the prescription name. As a first time poster, you aren't supposed to know everything, so don't worry..please...it's no biggie...

Your post will still be here, just without the drug name. Be kind to yourself...Sara

Just Sara
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Champion Alumni

Hi again Hk;

It seems the moderators found your reference and removed it before I could say anything. Your post looks the same and hasn't lost it's original meaning.

Please be assured we care about you and your situation. The medication thing is negligible compared to the opportunity your have to continue asking for support and encouragement.

You're heard ok...


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Thanks Sara, sorry about mentioning my medication.

can you please provide me with the links I couldn't find them.

i am so terribly upset at the moment so anything people recommend I would be happy to try.

Thank you


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Hi HK1981,

Firstly, welcome to the forums.

I also made the mistake of referencing the medication I was on when I first joined, part of being new I guess hehe.

I am sorry to hear what you are going through, I couldn't imagine my wife moving overseas, add in the fact you have depression, makes it feel worse so I do understand where you are coming from... If anything like Sara said above, I do suggest talking more, here if you wish, to get your story out which helps many people.

Do you have any way to distract yourself, maybe going out with some friends, speaking to family members, anything like that?

Are you also seeing a psychologist regarding the depression? If you are, may be the topic to bring up next session, if not, may be something worth looking into.

We are here to help and talk where we can so please continue posting.

My best for you,


Hey Hk;

The links below are in white font over blue background.

Sections: Get Support; Who does it affect? The facts; and so on.

By the sounds of it, you need to talk to someone. Lifeline 131114 and BeyondBlue 1300224636 have excellent counselors who'll listen and support you in real time instead of waiting on here for us to write back.

If you have any thoughts of self harm, please call the mental health hotline in your state, or 000 for an emergency. I hope you don't need these numbers, but if you do, don't feel guilt or shame ok? We all know what it's like. Look after number 1...

Just before I go, please consider a medication discussion with your GP. Think about symptoms instead of labels. What you could be calling depression, may be anxiety and panic. Sleep is essential for ongoing recovery to get you thru the following day. Medication is beneficial in the beginning to give you a head start with therapy etc.

I hope all goes well hun; please keep us up to date. I'd love to hear from you again.

Sara xo