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Sad time

Community Member

I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for around 15 years. And the last 8 months have been hard with health issues over the years,new job and 2 kids. I have found it very hard to manage life.
recently my partner has told me she was seeing someone else after I has recently proposed. I love her so much and she told me the truth because she relized she made a mistake. Our love for one another is greater then ever and all she wants is to marry me.

I just can’t get out of my head sad and negative thoughts of almost losing her and that the guy took something away from me.

I have never wanted anything more then to marry my partner. I have forgiven her and just want to move on.

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Just Sara
Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Aussie and welcome to the forum;

I'm sorry things have panned out this way. Your feelings are totally valid. It's brave of you to write here, so be sure members like myself care and are willing to help you through this difficult time.

You've said you forgive your partner, but I'm wondering why you've chosen to write here. Would you like to elaborate on this? I'd be happy to talk if you like.

You don't mention confusion or anger; is there something underneath you're not wanting to say out loud for instance? It'd be perfectly normal for you to feel that way. Expressing it here in a non-judgemental and safe place, might help you off-load instead of it eating away inside you.

I'm here ok...

Kind thoughts;


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Hello Aussie

It's a disappointment to hear the revelation of infidelity from your fiancée. I truly feel sorry for your sadness and confusion.

I also support Just Sara’s comments. If you have forgiven her, why are you posting here?
Do you have doubts? Are you seeking validation ? If the answer is “yes”, I find that perfectly normal. I’d feel exactly the same.

Ask yourself this question, if you hadn’t proposed marriage, would she have revealed her affair?