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Sad about changes in my family

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I have been feeling upset lately to the point when I’m crying (which I dont do much).

Our family had been falling apart. As siblings, we talk to mum more than each other, but I know my brother is there for me.

I understand my sister is busy, but she barely makes time for me now. We never had a great relationship but we tried. When we do speak she snaps. At a recent family event she looked very angry and barely said two words.

When I tried to express myself, Mum turned it around on me saying it’s because I don’t always go to family events. There’s never been compassion regarding my social anxiety and I’m expected to push through.

Have you dealt with a family that separated before? How did you manage it?



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Hi Gloria10,
Breakdowns in family are always incredibly hard, thank you for being brave to talk about this on here. 

It can feel so harmful and hurtful, when people we wish would listen, especially people who we really want to express ourselves to and feel understood by, don't give us that space or that connection. 

It seems like this hurt has been brewing for a long time, have you received any supports before? Have you spoken to a professional about any of this before? Please allow me to invite you to reach out to us here: We are available 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 and we also have a webchat service here

We are more than happy to walk you through any other references that might help, and more importantly, just to hear you out! in the meantime, I am very confident people will want to reach out here on the forums. Be kind to yourself!


Sophie M

Thank you Sophie. I took your advice and called and it helped. I’ll take it easy the next couple of days.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Gloria, whether or not you haven't gone to many family functions, this isn't an answer you would expect from your mother.

Your sister might have been thinking about something else and that's why she has responded like this and it may not necessarily involve you.

I'm sorry.


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Thank you Geoff, I appreciate it. I thought about it last night and she was angry about something a few days ago within the family. I think she used me to vent, but it can be intense. This has been a habit over the years.