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Rekindling marriage

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I separated from my husband at the beginning of March.
I felt we had grown a part and he wasn't supporting me the way I needed.
The separation was 90% my decision & hasn't been messy, nasty or damaging. We have remained friends & share our daughter well.

Lately I have been thinking what my future holds & I'm getting thoughts about rekindling the relationship. I want more children & I'm not sure if I want to do it with anyone else. There where some issues with support during my daughter's pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Which he has realised & apologized for.
When we split & since we have split he has been supportive and seems to show an understanding of how he should have treated me. There's a part of me that believes he has changed.

One thing that is stopping me is my sexual orientation. I am definitely caught between wanting to be with him & the idea of being with a woman.
Before we split I did express why feelings about women & he did understand.
There could be a way we can manage this together & keep the marriage.

I'm not sure what to do & what the next step would be.
Can I please have some advice & support

Thank you
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello MamaBB, welcome and a good thread.

If I could mention a few precautions, even though I'm not qualified to say, however, when two people separate promises can be made by one person that didn't happen before, so they can both reunite, but once together again the same situation as before you separated may start again.

These concerns of pregnancy, birth & postpartum, are three important stages of becoming a parent, so it's easy to say sorry after the event, but not so easy while experiencing them.

If you are in favour of being in a female relationship, good on you, and that's your choice, but if you allow your husband back home then he needs to understand that it's your decision how you want it to change.

Hope to hear back from you.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

I'm sorry MamaBB, it should be Geoff.

Take care.