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Recent diagnosis of Bi Polar

Community Member

Hi everyone

I was recently diagnosed with Bi Polar.

I feel so very low at the moment. I cannot work. I could not drag myself out of bed this morning.

My wife is at the end of her tether with me. We have 2 beautiful boys together and a nice home and I should be happy

I feel hopeless and don’t want to be a burden to my wife any more

I have a referral to a mental health clinic but there is a 3-4 week waiting period.

I cannot work let alone function as a family man at the moment.

I would really appreciate any advice



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Community Member

Hi Martin I have just been diagnosed with bipolar 2 on top of my diagnosis of anxiety, depression and adhd.
I felt relief after my diagnosis and thanks to the new mood stabilising drugs added on top of my antidepressants I feel much better and more capable of helping others.

Please hang in there, get the right experts on your side and with proper medication you can get back to a happy and fulfilling life.

And this is coming from a guy who has a wife that no longer wants to know me and a daughter with a severe mental illness.

take care


Thanks for your reply

I find it really frustrating at the moment because I am waiting to receive proper treatment

My wife has been very supportive through all sorts of issues and she does not deserve this.

It is good to hear you are feeling better after getting your medication right

Which mood stabilising drug are you taking?

The feeling of hopelessness I have at the moment is over powering. I just want to be better and to get back in to the work force so I can contribute financially for my family


Martin, I’m currently on an epileptic drug which has been successful in treating bipolar as well. Of course your expert will recommend what is right for you. Hang in there I had to go through a few drugs that made things worse before I found ones that made it better.

Also do not underestimate any cognitive therapy that you can have. I’m a critical over thinker as well and my psychologist helped me a lot.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome Martin

and thanks Dadmeister for offering support.

I was diagnosed with manic depression as bipolar was known then, over 45 years ago.

So I have had a lifetime of living with it. In my days there was shame and stigma but now there is a lot of information and support.

we can talk in general times like mood stabilisers but not specific tablets.

it can take time to get the right medication.

I took about 16 years of being in denial before I got help and took medication .

it is hard for a partner to see the changes and to be patient. I had 3 young children and found it very tiring.

Dadmesiter and Martin there is a thread called this bipolar life and you would both be welcome there.

That feeling of hopelessness will lessen when yiu are more stable and get used to your new way of life. I found having a routine and the 4 Hs helped me.

Hope, always have hope

Humour, I know this will see impossible but I learnt to laugh at ridiculous things

Health, make sure eat well and exercise

Honesty be totally honest with self and others as to what I am feeling and thinking. I would tell people I was fine as I didn’t want to disappoint them.

it is early days but I found writing a mood journal will help you keep track of moods .
martin and dadmeister ask as many questions here and or have a look at the

This bipolar life. The first post is an analogy of moodswings to being on an elevator but others may be able to relate to it.Take care