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Possible bipolar. Relationship breakdown

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How do u tell the difference between mental illness and true feelings? 😭 My partner of 7 years has told me he doesn't love me anymore and hasn't for months . The way I talk and look at him just makes him sick .He hasn't yet been diagnosed with bi polar but I think it's coming . I told him I thought something was wrong and we went to the doctors he's been referred to a psychiatrist which I hope is soon. We have been together 7 years . Lot of ups and downs . I have moved out for now . This is so hard 😭😭 .. he thinks even if he is diagnosed that it has nothing to do with our relationship but how could something like that not affect a relationship. Looking for any advice or stories from anyone who has been through the same thing .. thank you*editHe gets very agitated easily . Has weeks where he is bouncing off the walls happy lots of energy . Can't get enough of me sex everywhere and everyday plus strange sexual fantasies. Then he will be ok auto pilot just going through the motions of the day . Not really talking getting angry over very small issues . He tried to kill himself 5 years ago after having a period of time where he was just sad and he didn't know why. He doesn't remember conversations we have had or claims that I have / haven't said things and is adamant his version of events is what's real. He said he's heard a voice in his head a few times . And lays in bed at night his mind just in overdrive . He's had trouble sleeping for about 3 years . Also these behaviours where he pushes me away happen at the same time yearly almost like clock work . He has had problems long before I come on the scene and has never dealt with anything . I think as he's getting older it's all just catching up with him. I just want him to get the help he needs
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Hi rossy1,

Welcome to the forum. This sounds so tough. Living along side of someone who is experiencing all these symptoms can be incredibly difficult. It is positive to hear that your partner has a referral to a psychiatrist and is hopefully getting the help he needs. Having some space may be really difficult for you during this time and I can image you would be very worried. I wonder, besides reaching out on the forum, are you getting any support for yourself? Sometimes when we are along side another person in their illness, we get quite frustrated as we can't make them do things. People experience healing and recovery at their own pace. Sometimes it takes along time to accept help. What I generally encourage people to do, is build up your own strength and capacity. It is so important that you remain strong for you and all the challenges that may be ahead.

A good first step would be to visit a GP and explain your current situation and see if there is some support available locally. Using the forum is also a great way to gain support and I encourage you to continue to use the forum to vent, to read about others experiences. Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone. I have attached a link for you to review on the importance of taking care of you. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/the-facts/supporting-someone/looking-after-yourself

We are here and we are listening.

Wishing you the best possible outcome,

Nurse Jenn