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Please help.. I feel so trapped

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I just need someone out of this situation to talk too. It's a long story but essentially i am living with a partner that I can't emotionally give myself too anymore. He came from overseas to be with me and I feel so trapped and that I can't break up with him, I don't want to hurt him. I can't hurt him again this will be the second time in 6 months I would have broken up with him. He has bad anxiety and depression and I constantly feel his stress, it destroys me. I just want some kind of calm place to be. Work is horrible and I can only use it as a safe haven for so long without him getting upset that im not home. I can't see a way out. This is only a quarter of the story as well. I just don't know if I should post everything here. I'm starting to feel like the only way out isn't a good one.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Ahsatankilleen,

Welcome to the forums. Feeling trapped in any situation is distressing. Even more so when it involves another person. My heart goes out to you.

You say you can't break up with him. The question is can you see yourself settling for more of the same in years to come ? The trouble is painful situations don't usually resolve themselves without difficult decisions being made. I am concerned by your feelings of being destroyed. Sometimes when we can't see a way out, it means space must be cleared so exit can be made. Nothing positive can come out of staying in a negative situation that cannot be changed.

Do you feel this relationship can be improved ?

Is there something other than his mental illness that makes it so toxic ?

Why is work horrible ?

Sorry about the questions. I hope you will continue to talk with us so that we can have a clearer idea about this situation. The more we get to know you, the better we can help...which is what we would like to do.

Here for you.