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Partner trusting issues

Community Member

Hi, I’m new to this but just thought I would give it a go

I have been with my partner for 2 years...things were great at first but I do have trouble expressing my feelings to her...

I do overthink a lot and create scenarios in my mind that then leads to me not trusting her or thinking she is not telling me the truth about some things

I do suffer with anxiety and depression also so that does play a part in my over thinking

just wondering if anyone has been like this and what have they done to over come this

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Community Member

Hi Loz

Relationships can be tricky. Everything seems fine one day and the next day grey clouds appear. Quite normal.

Expressing feelings can also be difficult until you just do it. Then you sometimes wonder why you hesitated.

You seem like a clear headed person based on the little information you have provided. While anxiety can certainly make us "over think" and "create doubts", I would be cautious in giving it too much influence on your feelings.

Can I ask what examples in her behaviour makes you doubt her trust worthiness?