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Partner blames me for daughter issues for she is trying to destroy me

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I have invited my daughter gnaw 28 years old to come live with us for partner cheated on her in Canberra we live in Qld and partner has never had a relationship with her until I meet him a couple years ago and Her and I have become close well so I thought so when she needed help I reached out and invited her to our home and since that she has done nothing then tried to destroy us and is destroying him fo the wants a relationship with her and can't see what she is doing to us even his own mum and sister has told him but still its all my fault when all I did was try and bring them back together and now she thinks he owes her and lies about everything to make him hate me. I am lost and so over trying to have both of their backs but am caught in the middle and blamed for everything and now she has moved out which supposably my fault she is posting all over social media that he is bad and his sister saw it and sent to me and I showed him and once again it is my fault , says he would rather not now and we are out to destroy them and can't see that it is her.


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That Other Guy
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This sounds like an awfully toxic situation. If she is attacking him and he is blaming you that seems like a no win situation. Perhaps if you talk seriously to your partner and suggest you do some sort of counselling to create the space to discuss these issues? What is their history that he feels he must support her at all costs?

Mother took them away from him when they were 7 and I have reunited him talking to daughter again about 3 years ago but son still will not and daughter told me over and over that she thinks he owes her.