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May Tee Tee
Community Member

I am in two minds what to do.

I have a great life but always dreamed of travelling with my partner. 

I know the time to travel is now for us. I have patiently waited for the right time to travel together. Life has got busy and then illness has arrived. 

Partner has chosen to go back work.

I hate being in our house and do not wish to wait any longer.

I get angry and frustrated when I are home. We do take short trips. 

I am in two minds what to do.


Must I travel solo.

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Community Member

Hi May Tee Tee,


Thanks for your post and for sharing your experience. What a great question! I know for a lot of us (me included) with mental health issues that travel can be a huge source of stress/anxiety due to uncertainty. Especially if travelling alone. But on the opposite hand, being able to experience new surroundings, stretch your wings and make new friends is a huge accomplishment and can do wonders for our mental health long term. Especially if you are feeling burnt out and have had cravings to travel for a while (covid having hampered that the last couple years). 


I've had friends who are married that have opted to travel overseas solo due to their spouse being tied up with work. I think it is a great route to take and can give people an opportunity to regain a sense of individuality and adventure that working life can take from us. Regardless, both options are good and you can't really make a wrong decision. There will always be opportunities to travel in the future. Ultimately it is down to what you feel is best for your mental health right now. 


Keep us updated and again, thanks for a great question!



Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello May Tee Tee, if you feel the need to travel, under these circumstances, then it seems as though that's exactly what you should be doing, but please remember to take your medical records with you so that you can get any help straight away if required.


Life Member.