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Overwhelmed with settlement

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ive been separated from my husband over a year but have only just gained the courage to go up against him for my share of the house etc. lawyers keep asking for money, I have hardly any hours at a stressful job, etc etc. I’m just overwhelmed and on my own through this. So hard not to get down about it all.

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Hi , welcome

money problems will always cause stress.

does your lawyer know how much you’ll receive from your settlement and if so can he/she continue based on future payment? Can your bank help out?

try all avenues.


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Hello Anywhere, welcome to the forums.

I appreciate how difficult your position is, and I do understand.

Not entirely sure of your situation, but if you're in Vic. then you may be able to apply for a 'grant of legal assistance’ and to find out if you are eligible phone 1300 792 387.

Let us know how you are going.