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No one in my family understands me or supports me

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Hi everyone, I suffer from bipolar disorder. I recently signed up with the government mental health who did nothing but run me around in circles. I try getting support from family with no help. My partner says he is sick of me acting up. I can never talk to him without him turning things around into me. I don’t feel listened to or appreciated. Thank you for listening
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Champion Alumni

Dear Sammy

Welcome to the forum. It's sad you feel ignored and misunderstood.

Are you receiving any treatment for your bipolar disorder? I see you feel you feel you are being given the run around. Can you talk to your GP and ask for a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist? These are the best placed people to help you.

There is a thread you may like to read. It's very long as it was started several years ago so you may not wish to read it all. Perhaps look at the first page and then go to the end and join the conversation. You can find the thread in the Staying Well forum. It's called This Bipolar Life/Kazzl.

I think it would be helpful to talk with others who have bipolar disorder. Talking to others who have the same mental health problem can be reassuring that you are not alone. You can also find tips from others about managing this difficulty.


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Hi I’m Haydn. I hear you. I also live with BP 1 MDD & my dad died last year..... I feel incredibly misunderstood; labeled & im hurting as I truly am walking a tough lonely path.... I do have a solid clinical team (15yrs) yet this is the lowest I’ve felt in a long time....... 🌈🙏