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No Friends In Highschool, Never Seem To Fit In, Looking For Advice!

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Hi, im 15 and currently in YR9 at Highschool

A year ago i moved school due to bullying. The school i moved is where all my primary friends are so when i came here i had people to sit with however.....

2 Months ago i had a breakup with this girl and she spread rumors about me to everyone, people come up to me and say rude things to me regularly, my friends have basically told me to piss off and never respond to my messages and my grades have fallen from an A to C.

TLDR; knowone likes me,knowone cares what i say and i just get shunned away, what should i do?

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Champion Alumni
hi Parallel, firstly I think you need to face her and sort this out, you have to go to the source where all of this started, you might not want to and scared to do so but before you do this I would try and have a chance to talk with the school counsellor.
Other people who can help you are Reachout and/or Headspace these people can come to you and are dressed in casual clothes, so that may reduce your anxiety rather than someone who wears a suit and tie, but I would also ask your mum/dad to book an appointment with their doctor, please don't let this broad away, it will get you to learn on how to cope with any further situations in the future.
Please let us know. Geoff.

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Valued Contributor

Hi Parallel,

My heart goes out to you, and I want to let you know that I can relate to your situation and it will get better. Although that doesn't help you now. I went to primary school with all of my friends and then went to a different high school where I felt completely disconnected. I dated a guy and broke it off with him and him and his friends made my life hell for the next year or so. My older sister (who was friends with his sister) told me that he came home and cried after I broke up with him. The only way that I got him to stop taunting me was to embarrass the hell out of him the next day by telling him what I'd heard in front of his friends. I don't necessarily recommend something like that and it may not work, but just sharing my story. Another thing that worked for me was to make friends with a somewhat unpopular kid and we found solace in each other. It stopped me eating alone at lunch anyway. After high school I went to uni and made some of the best friends of my life and fit in wonderfully. Some workplaces can be like school, but the beauty is that you can change as much as you want when you're an adult. You've just got to hang in there and make it through!