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No ambition?!

Community Member

Hi, I had a bit of an argument with my husband today and he said that it really annoys him that I have no ambition.

I'm a full time, homeschooling Mum to two young children. My ambition is being the best Mum/teacher I can be.

I don't see anything wrong with this but he seems to think it's not enough.

Opinion would be appreciated!

Thanks 😊

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

As a single dad I know just a little about being a parent. Plus trying to educate children as well. Thats a full time job, for both parts. Both have difficulties. You need ambition to be able to teach well because you want the very best for your children. I think your husband needs to take stock of what you are really doing. I have a sister and BIL both were teachers. So I have a little knowledge on what is expected of a teacher. Lesson planning etc, making the lesson interesting . You are doing the best you can, keep up the hard work.


Community Member

Hello tabab215,

Welcome to the forum!

Being a full-time home-schooling Mum would certainly be very time-consuming. Maybe your husband hoped you would be able to have goals and passions for yourself, outside of caring for your children. Do you feel that the relationship with your husband has become more predictable and less exciting? Do you two have shared interests and regularly have one-on-one conversations? It's possible that your husband feels that so much of your time and energy is spent caring for the children, and less than he would like on shared time as a couple. This may not be the case. If this is actually part of the picture, there is no one at fault. It's also possible that your husband is just expressing his opinion. This comment may not reflect your relationship dynamics in a direct way.

Talking calmly and openly to your husband about this matter is important. Avoid blaming or accusing him of being critical, and instead say that what he said confused you a bit. You could ask for him to explain what he meant, or to discuss it together.

It would be great to hear back from you!

Best wishes,