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Need help

Community Member
feeling crazy I can't eat or sleep properly i have no one to talk to what should I do.
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Community Member

Hi The lost one ,

You can talk here, please let us know what is going on so we can try and help you.

My best for you,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi there

Sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time. Like Jay said, please share what is going on and we will try to help.

Thinking of you.

Blue Jane

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi The Lost one, it does take courage to post your comment, the trouble is we know that you're struggling but afraid of what may happen, the only thing that is going to happen is that we are going to lend a helping hand, listen to you and always here for you when you need to vent, so please whatever you have to say, someone else will have been through very similar experiences or it's true that people feel exactly the same, so please don't be scared. Geoff.

Community Member
I'm new to these forums but I would like to know how you are feeling today, and I hope you can find the courage to say what's making you feel the way you do. I am too scared to talk to anyone about how I feel so this is my first step I guess. I hope you're ok 🙂