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need advice- after divorce

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I got divorced in feb 2021. during the process i did not kept any contact with my ex. me any my family have blocked her contatc details

after 6 months my parents receive a message from my ex writing how ashamed they should be and karma will hit you back...

same msg was sent to me from diffrent no. also few days back one of my close friend received a msg from my ex. this has caused me nd my family stress/ breach of privicy and emotional depression.

has enyone gone through similar sitiuation where in even after full and final divorce granted by court, you did receive messages from ex, where in you have no energy left to handel her and contact her....how did you handel the situation.


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Hello Mimo, and welcome to the site.

After any final divorce then you'd expect that everyone would go their separate ways, and not make any discriminating comments because the court has decided and nothing can be changed, so it must be upsetting to receive this.

I would be considering an AVO order on her so that no communication what so ever is sent to you and if your parents and friend need to do the same that's what I would suggest.


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thank you geoff