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Narcissistic Relationship.

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Just a few days ago my boyfriend broke up with me with no explanation leaving me feeling emotional.                                 I got called a psycho by him because of it which made it worse as I already suffer with depression and anxiety. 

We had only been together for two months but felt like we known each other for ages. 

We spoke about our future together , getting married , having kids , buying a house , going overseas we even said I love you a few weeks after we met. 

He lived 4 hours away from me  but always made the time to come and see me. I even often suggested to come and see him but I always got a no from him. 

He never like phone conversations and always wanted to chat through kik. 

When it came time for me wanting to meet his parents he always made some excuse up as to why I could not meet them. 

Just before our breakup he told me he is going away to Thailand in September for 14 days .....by himself                                     I was really upset by this as I had questions as to why he never told me or asked if I wanted to go ?

when we were in the middle of breaking up he told me that he has been seeing someone else for three years while he was seeing me.

I'm in so much shock and depressed  as one day he tells me he loves me to the moon and back and next he said he wants nothing todo with me.  

I am still in love with this guy but can't move on without an explanation. 

Has anyone else had the same issues ? 

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome

I don't see a connection of "narcissistic relationship" to the situation you described. "Deceitful relationship maybe more akin"

I think your relationship should be a warning to others reading this that we all should be alert to the cunning of some people. You have been led astray, he hasn't been honest and alarm bells should have sounded but we all trust others so don't feel bad.

You'll need to put this all down to experience and move on. Pump yourself up a lot, be proud that you live a good honest life and don't do these things to other people. Be wary. Have some necessary standards and requirements of you new love before you move into the relationship with commitment and your full heart.

Take care and be proud    Tony WK