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Narcissistic abuse co parenting

Community Member
Hey I just wanted to see of anyone can give me advice on dealing with a narssisstic ex husband when it comes to children. I have days that I just feel like giving up because feeling like this is so hard to deal with somtimes. My kids are everything to me and keep me going every day but today is a hard day and everything feels scary and bad and if anyone has tips to get out of this feeling it would be so grately appreciated. Tia
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

There needs to be much more information I'm afraid.

Do you have a family court decision on visitations/custody

Has property settlement and divorce been finalised?

Have you any concerns over his parenting?

See, if he has not been diagnosed with any narcissist illness he might seem (or be) that way to you due to your clashes but not necessarily to other people.

People can possess tendencies like narcissism, financial irresponsibility, gambling and so on but that doesn't mean they are poor parents.

If you have everything in place then communication can be kept to a minimum. In my case I communicated with my ex about our kids via email. That way I had written evidence in case of a dispute.



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I feel your pain. I have equal shared care of my children with a narcissist and regularly feel that it would be easier to give up than to keep fighting against him. I have learnt to stand up for myself which has been difficult for me to do but I have won some things which makes me feel somewhat better. Just breath and know that everything will be ok. It’s just because they can’t control you anymore.