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My son's best mate died by suicide

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hello i just signed up..today was one of the hardest days of my life as a mum as my sons best mate was laid to rest at 19 years of age....suicide

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Hello Guest1626

Welcome to the forums and for having the courage to post on such a tragic & unnecessary loss

Laid to rest at 19.......suicide.......

Im Paul (volunteer) and out of respect for you and your son, words will do little right now

There are many very kind people on the forums that can be here for if you need us Guest1626.

My big brother decided to do the same at 22.

My deepest condolences to you and your son (and of course the family of your sons friend)

we are here when and if you wish need to talk. I sincerely hope your son knows we are here for him too

19.....oh my.....may he Rest in True Peace

Paul (will keep an eye on your thread if you need us)

Thank you so much for your beautiful words Paul...mums are not made to see their son,s mates in a coffin. I am a nurse that has worked in mental health and seen death but nothing in the world prepares you for this. Just feel lost as a mum

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Hi Guest_1626,

Hugs for both of you.

My thoughts and love go out to you and your son during this difficult time.

To lose anyone to something like this, leaves most of us asking questions and what ifs which have no answers. I hope your happy memories of your love one eases the pain of your loss.

I feel nothing could prepare you for such a sudden loss like this, your heartache is very understandable after the sudden loss of someone you care for.

My condolences,


as gld mentioned...((hugs)) for you both

from the online forum community (family) at Beyond Blue


Thank u so much for your wo

Thank you so much for your kind words Gen... yes the what if questions are certainly there but he was a tortured soul at rest peacefully sleeping, All was ok until I saw my son break down then I lost it. You always want to protect your children from pain no matter how old they are and the old adage"parents are not made to bury their children" cuts deep... I feel very blessed by this forum....thsnk you and take care

dear Guest, there aren't enough words to say how sorry I feel for you and your son, because there are no answers that would appease you, only sorrow, but many questions which you won't get from you son until his grieving has settled down.
Being only 19 is too young to take their own life, but he must have been struggling so much, but wasn't able to open up to anybody or didn't feel comfortable that anybody would believe him or want to listen to him, that's the sad part to this story and just feel so sorry for him.
It doesn't matter how much you see death working as nurse until it becomes a part of your life and that's when the reality sets in, but the main concern is how your son is going to react and certainly feel, because he may go into depression and won't want to talk with anyone, and could possibly become a recluse, not wanting to eat or comeout of his room, I certainly hope this doesn't happen.
Alternatively he may become very active and hyped up before he falls into depression, but if you can get him to his doctor and then referred to a psychologist would be a good start, however he maybe in denial but pretending that every thing is all OK, which you will be able to notice any great change in what he is doing.
It's going to be a tense time ahead, but I really hope that we can still hear back from you. Geoff. x