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My Seperated Wife In Denial

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Its been six months now since my wife met someone on a cruise and started an emotional relationship with. I suspect it was physical on the cruise as the amount of alcohol she has admitted to consuming was excessive.She even took her wedding rings off on the cruise and I have the photos to prove it.

She denies she is in a relationship with him, but he posted on facebook that she is his girlfriend and wants to propose to her at the end of the year. I confronted her with this information and she said his facebook account was hacked by someone.

She has painted a really bad picture of me to her family and is using that as a cover as her family does not know she is in this relationship. Everyone close to us knows she is not telling the truth and she has pushed away friends that challenge her on this.I have caught her before texting guys behind my back and when I have confronted her about it, she denied it initially until I showed her the evidence then moved to downplay it by saying she can have close guy friends as girlfriends are bitchy etc.

She has made selfish decisions by moving and relocating my kids in order to hide what she is doing. Our close friends say she is so selfish and continues to make decisions that are in the best interests for her, not the kids.

Her parents dont know whats going on and totally believe her story about me. They are going to find out very soon and I know they are going to react to this information and so will she.

Im over seeing all this happen and my kids getting dragged through this in order for her to have an affair.

I miss my kids so much.


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You have every right to feel hurt and angry with what your ex has put you through, I went through the exact same thing when my ex husband ran off with a co worker. It will sting and I even got to the point of reaching out to a help line as I didn't cope for awhile and the support from family was mixed. It is hard but at some point you need to let go of being concerned of what her family think of the situation. Blood is always thicker than water and they will not care of what you have to say - I learnt this the hard way. She will deny a relationship - cheaters do not like to accept responsibility for their actions or will play a victim card - it's not fair unfortunately but that's reality. It actually took my lawyer to point out a few truths and that actually helped me to move forward. Custody is never a great issue - but you need to establish some regular contact with your kids. This will help them and yourself. Try to organize some sort of mediation first - then you can establish a parenting plan and go from there. It will hurt and being away from your kids must be hard - don't give up

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Hi there LMG


Thanx for your latest post and it’s been awesome that Indra has come back to you with her great response – a lot of excellent tips and pointers in there for you.


I just wanted to write and say “Hi” – and do hope like Indra that you can establish regular contact with your girls.   But I can’t imagine how hard this is for you right now.


I hope that you’re bearing up as well as you can at this time – and also hope that you’ve got other avenues of support that you can fall on.  You say you’ve got close friends who know of her ways and selfishness;  which I hope this means that there’s friends have ‘got your back’


Kind regards