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My husband told me he doesn’t care about me.

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Yesterday I fainted at home, I messaged my husband and asked if he was able to come home from work. He messaged back and said no, as if he did he’d be pissed off as he was under the pump at work. I messaged back that I understood. He then came home later in the day to drop our 9 year old home as I was unable to drive, he then returned later to pick up his laptop etc to go to a Tafe course. He never once asked how I was after fainting. When he returned from Tafe he was still aggravated and pissed off, as he stated he was over it, when I asked what he said this,-marriage. I asked why he hadn’t asked how I was after fainting and he stated because he didn’t care, he stated he didn’t care about my health or what I’ve got to say and that he’d rather sleep in the car than in a bed/house near me. I’m not sure what happened but it’s not the first time he’s said these kind of things to me. I just don’t know what to do?
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello KylieP01,

Welcome to BB forums, and the amazing community we have here..

Im sorry that you fainted and your husband said he didn’t care...

Im wondering if you have been to your gp to make sure your physically okay after fainting..

Do you think that he said these words because he is under a lot of stress from work and studying at taffe?.. Just my thoughts...

Is it possible to sit down with him at a quiet time and talk to him and tell him how his words are making you feel...and how much they hurt you....and try to find out why he feels he feels the way he does...tiredness, work anxiety, which can cause people to say things they don’t really mean...

Im sorry I’m not much help to you..but wanted to let you know that someone is listening to you and cares about you..I’m certain more people will call in to talk to you and offer some insight and support..

Talk here anytime..and please take care of you..that’s so very important..

Kind thoughts and warm hugs..dear Kylie..🤗🤗.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi KyliePO1,

I too welcome you to the community here. Grandy has responded with all I was thinking from your post.

I am also wondering if your husband has spoken to you like this before?

Do you have people close to yo whom you can talk to as well about what is happening?

Hopefully you get some answers regarding your fainting. Does that happen often?

It is not easy when the people we hope and expect will be there for us are not able to help and assist us for some reason.

Are there ways you can help yourself in all of this? I know when I feel like loved ones are dismissing me, it makes me feel inadequate and depressed. These are emotions I need to recognise and find ways to continue on.

Hope you are able to talk to your husband and sort out what is going on.

Regards from Doolhof

Community Member

Hello KylieP01.

I am very sorry to hear what has happened and (in my opinion) your husband needs to get some help and support. Maybe he didn't mean to say what was said, however, he needs to sort himself out and learn to be respectful and look after you.

You deserve respect, love, care and support from your partner and you don't need to be abused.

Tell him how you feel and that you do not accept or feel comfortable with his behaviour and that you are not his personal punching bag for his own work difficulties. Your relationship is not a dust-bin and he shouldn't be blaming you for his high work load.

Good luck.