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My family's advice to me

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Just get a job, any job and stay there, pay your mortgage, forget about your dreams, what you want to be a musician? Get real, that is fanciful, it's not really important to do what you love, just pay the mortgage, the mortgage, yes owning a house is your dream and sole purpose in life, not writing songs and performing them live. Oh yes, kids, why aren't you raising a family yet, why are you still single. Bla bla bla bla blaaaa

It's hard to ignore my family, me being so sensitive, it gets me down and starts believing their beliefs that I am crazy for having the passion and dream I have. Yes being a musician won't help pay my mortgage (unless I make it bigtime) but I have no desire to work jobs I have no passion for.
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MisterM it is NOT crazy to have a passion.

I am so envious of people who are brave enough to take their life in the direction they want to go in. If music calls you, then it calls you and it would be a far worse thing to give it up and spend the next however many years feeling like your life has no purpose.

Have you considered though, there might be a compromise in there somewhere? A way to remove some of the stress of worrying about where your next pay cheque comes from but still allows you to pursue your dreams?

I have a number of friends who are in bands. Granted, most of them aren't paying their mortgage with it, but they tour, they perform, they record and they get radio play. But most of them also have something else, just to keep them stable. I have one friend who works in a cool op-shop, he's really into 60's music so also buys and sells records from the store. Other friends obviously work in bars and pubs. But then others work in record stores or just anything with related to music. There are obviously others who have jobs like town planner, or office clerk, but they basically see these jobs as a means to produce what they are proud of, which is their music. Have you considered teaching music or doing sound engineering or something like that?

If music is your passion, then let it be your passion, but remember that passion and security do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Hey everyone, sorry, but there's already a thread on this topic here:

My family just don't understand me

Are you able to carry on this discussion in the one thread please?  Closing this one now. 

Thanks! 🙂