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My Dad making me feel down

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I moved away to make myself happy and healthy. Come home to visit family feel the same feelings again
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello Brownm, welcome to the site and that are disppointed when you went home to visit the family, obviously that's why you moved away, and even as though there maybe some love with them, they aren't going to be what you had wished for.
There maybe so many issues for this to happen, and even though you could have changed to become a happier and healthier person, in other words moved on, this doesn't seemed to have happened for your family.
Remember you moved away for a reason and if your family hasn't been able to change or the circumstances are still the same, then there's a chance you could have a relapse and I'm sure that's not what you would ever want.
I don't know what these feelings are, and don't necessarily need to know, but unfortunately it's a place you need to stay away from especially if they don't want change.
There maybe someone special at home you wanted to contact and now very upset that they are still caught in the same situation.
I'm sorry for you but you need to look after yourself and that's why you had to move. Geoff.