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Mum Blames Me For Sister's Woes

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Some months ago, Dad noticed my eldest sister sitting in the loungeroom looking down and asked her what was wrong. Mum, who was sitting nearby, stated "She sees her brother come home with all these DVDs and Blu-rays for himself and it upsets her, because we can't go out and get what we want; a dog."


And now, with my sister losing weight, not eating very much and looking depressed, last night Mum spoke up and said "Well, it doesn't really help when someone keeps getting parcels delivered."

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


it sounds like there is a lot going on in your home. With your sister's problems and what sounds like you being blamed. So  understand that you and your sister live with your parents, but I don't quite understand how your getting DVDs means your sister is unable to get a dog... if that is what she/parents want.


And then I wonder if it is possible for you all to have an open, honest and respectful conversation for everyone in the family to understand each other's feelings and concerns better and work out a way forward. Listening ...