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Marriage over

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


my wife has ended our marriage after 23 years. I’ve been with her for 30.
She said she couldnt handle my depression and mood swings anymore. She chose to cheat on me with someone else to end it.
All I want is to make things right but I’m accept the marriage is over.
so why am I having separation anxiety over her. She doesn’t want me to text her or ring her. Only to talk to kids.
I don’t even know my banking details as she did the banking etc.

please help me

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Community Member

Hello Parto

That’s a tough situation. After 23 years of marriage it’s normal to feel anxious when your wife announces it’s over. You write that you accept that it’s over, but you want to make it right. I don’t quite follow you there but perhaps in a future post you could explain it a little better. Your wife seems to be happy for you to continue to talk the children so I’m assuming you have left the family home. Is that right?

Have you seen a health professional ? If you haven’t you may wish to consider it especially if have a history of depression. At times like this you’ll need all the support you can get and it is vital that you do your best to look after yourself.

You say you don’t know your bank account details. May I suggest you make a list of all the things you require to at least live independently and then approach your wife so you can work out the details. You may also think about seeing a solicitor to document and formalise your separation. They should also be able to give you advice about the children’s future and care arrangements.
I realise that emotionally you are suffering and you have my sympathy. Please respond to these pages if you feel like chatting.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


I don’t want you he marriage anymore. I’ve had it with her attacks at me etc. I’m just not sure how to move on. I give her space and that’s still not enough. It’s like my best friend of 30 years hates me so much it hurts.