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Managing Relationships

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How does everyone cope with having no friends or partner?

The only people who are really in my life are my 10 year old son and my mum. I do have a guy im dating but even that hasnt been so great. Its always one of us too busy that prevents us going out or seeing each other.

I get along with people fairly well like at work or uni, i think, but forming those close friendships, i really struggle with it.

I dont get to socialise with the other mums at my sons school because he needs to go to after school care all days so i can work/study. Plus 99% of those mums are older mums, like 30-50 years old. I had my son as a teenager so theres a huge gap.

I would take up dancing again, ive always loved to dance! I just cant afford it right now.

So any tips would be great!

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Hey there

Friendships just really need opportunity to develop. If you get along well with people at work/uni, is there anyone who you might want to spend more time with from there that you could suggest coffee or drinks or whatever with? Or maybe the uni puts on events that you could see if anyone is keen to join you in going to? I know my uni does stuff that's pretty cheap. And don't necessarily write off the school mums either - it can be great to have other mum friends and you already have something in common. If there's anyone particular your son gets along with well at school or after school care, you could organise a get together on the weekend, which would give you an opportunity to meet some other mums.

Katy 🙂

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Sounds like you are flat out with so much, very busy you are. How do you make you time? Is there a way you can modify your lifestyle to create more space to relax, partake in social activities, help reduce social isolation and improve on your relationship dynamics? We can defiantly have busy lives especially when trying to juggle many daily living activities.

For me: I try to have a good work/life balance (can be very difficult to achieve at times) and recently modified my shifts to align with my partner's, since he works in hospitality and I work for the Commonwealth, I was able to work later shifts to allow ample time to see each other. I also have become a professional in using my Phone and Tablet Google Calendar/Planner which syncs together and this is my method to maintaining my madness - hahaha.